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Careers at Elyria Foundry

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About Elyria Foundry

Elyria Foundry was founded in 1905. The foundry began producing castings for the machine tool and gas engine industry and saw growth and expansion during both world wars and continued on for many years. A change in ownership would reestablish and revitalize Elyria Foundry as a viable business by changes in philosophy, reinvesting in people, equipment and the environment.

Today Elyria Foundry has refined the standard for foundries and competitors alike. Elyria focuses our business on complex, difficult and high integrity castings providing gray and ductile iron parts from 50 lbs up to 10,000 lbs in a variety of volumes. Various molding capabilities allow Elyria Foundry to provide the most cost effective castings with industry leading quality. Elyria Foundry has the flexibility to provide highly engineered, complex castings made right the first time and delivered on time.

Elyria Foundry is committed to employing residents of the city of Elyria. Good jobs are the backbone of good communities and we realize the importance of building a strong and vibrant municipality.

We look forward to working with the area schools, social service organizations, and the city of Elyria to connect individuals with manufacturing jobs here locally. Additionally, we understand the importance and necessity of providing training and support for individuals to be successful in these jobs. This is our commitment to the Elyria Works Now Program, now and in the future. 

Rob Kukowski, President/CEO

  • Molder Helper
    Perform a variety of duties such as mixing materials, assembling mold parts, filling molds, and stacking molds to mold and cast a wide variety of products.


  • Coremaker Helper
    Perform a variety of duties such as mixing materials, assembling core parts, filling cores, and stacking cores to cast a wide variety of products.


  • Core Finisher Helper
    Cleans, assembles, finishes, and washes core to prepare cores for production.


  • Casting Finisher (Chipper)
    Chips and grind work pieces to groove, bevel, round or straighten edges or to remove excess stock from metal as specified by job orders or guidelines.


  • Laborer
    Performs various task as needed to service Production Departments to meet production and departmental needs.


  • Crane Operator
    Operates traveling or stationary overhead crane (cab or ground controlled) to lift, move and position loads.


  • Furnace Operator
    Operates furnace to heat iron to a specified temperature for processing. Sets furnace controls to regulate temperatures and heating time. 


  • Iron Pourer
    Draws molten metal from ladle for pouring into molds to make castings.


  • Shakeout Operator
    Performs various tasks as knock clamps off and place clamps and wedges and place in appropriate box, pull cope and flip over to shake out, pick out materials such as rods, gaggers, chills, and scrap metal.


  • Maintenance Millwright
    Installs machinery and equipment according to layout plans, blue prints and other drawings using hoists, lift trucks, hand tools, and power tools.


  • Maintenance Electrician
    Install, maintain and repair electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures. Ensure that work is in accordance with relevant codes.
  • Refrigeration
    Air and gas compression and refrigeration equipment require the high-integrity gray and ductile iron typically produced in Elyria Foundry’s electric furnaces. These high-pressure vessels demand leak-proof performance and often include complex water jackets and internal chambers which require clean, unobstructed passageways, free of internal defects.


  • Pump and valve
    components require complex core design and assembly skills. Castings must contain liquids and gases often under extreme pressures. Internal surfaces must be smooth and free of obstructions to promote free flow of fluids.


  • Process Machinery
    Producing high-integrity castings for process machinery demands a thorough understanding of their load requirements. Process machinery operates under heavy dynamic-motion loads, requiring tough ductile iron. These durable, heavy-section components are designed for continuous use and long life. Elyria Foundry produces castings for plastic and rubber processing machinery, food processing equipment, printing and paper making machinery, petrochemical, oil and gas field equipment, and many other applications.


  • Internal Combustion Engines
    We produce large cylinder blocks, pans and heads for stationary engines. These may be either in-line of V-block configuration with multiple banks of 8 to 12 cylinders. These castings may range to 40 ft. in length, with weights to 80,000 lbs. They are heavily cored with water jackets, and are cast in a machinable gray iron with tensile strengths of 30,000 to 40,000 psi. With these large castings, strict process controls are critical at every step…from planning…to production…to shipping. Elyria Foundry also makes smaller engine components for marine and industrial applications. Our plant design allows these castings, 10,000 lbs. and up, to be made on a semi-production basis in gray or ductile iron.


  • Power and Transmission Equipment
    A wide variety of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic power transmission components have traditionally been made as castings. Elyria Foundry is equipped to make these medium and large size parts in volume-as well as individually. Substantial savings can be realized when larger quantities are required. Stationary parts, such as gear cases, motor frames, housings, pillow blocks, etc., are generally cast in our tight grained iron which has inherent vibration damping characteristics and “leak proof” properties, when specified. Moving parts that rotate, oscillate or slide benefit from our tough porosity-free ductile iron. This material is especially beneficial in all types of gears, pinions, worms and related parts, which require a very sound uniform casting for precision machining.


  • Metal Cutting and Metal Forming Machine Tools
    Our ability to make very large, highly-machinable gray iron castings in complex shapes has given us an excellent reputation with the precision machine tool industry. Electric melting at Elyria Foundry produces a uniquely tighter grained iron. It is easily machined, Flame hardenable, and readily polished without annoying color variations. This material is ideal for machine tools used in boring, broaching, milling, drilling, turning, grinding, polishing and other purposes.


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