Careers at United Initiators

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About United Initiators

United Initiators (“UI”) is the largest, focused global producer of specialty chemical initiators. The company is the only global player providing a full range of both organic peroxides and persulfates (inorganic peroxides). We are the global leader in the manufacturing of persulfates and among the first three suppliers of organic peroxides worldwide. Our network allows us to serve our customers both on a local and global scale. Supply reliability and quality are critical when it comes to peroxides and that’s among the key factors customers choose United Initiators.

Our products are highly essential ingredients for many applications and products within our daily life and are mission critical to produce a large range of polymers and polymer-based materials. The application of our products goes well beyond polymers. They are used in consumer areas such as hair bleaching,  disinfection, denture cleaning and tooth whitening. Industrial applications are comprising etching of printed circuit boards, chemical synthesis, oil&gas exploration, soil remediation and many more.

United Initiators is excited to be a proud supporter and founding member of Elyria Works NOW!  We are an Elyria manufacturing company committed to being good neighbors in the community and hiring citizens of our town.  We offer not just a job, but a career and are always willing to train those who have an interest in learning and have a good work ethic.  We invite you to check us out and join our United Initiators team! 

– Amy Feskanich, Head of Human Resources – Americas

We are looking for the following United Initiators Team Members:

Chemical Operator Trainees

Chemical Operator Trainee positions have a detailed training step progression and pay increase schedule that advances one from a Chemical Operator Trainee (step is approximately 15 months), to a Chemical Operator I (step is approximately 24 months) and then to a Chemical Operator II.

ORGANIC PEROXIDES are applied as radical source in many industrial processes, such as polymerization, chemical synthesis and modification of polymers.  United Initiators offers the complete portfolio of organic peroxide types used in all possible industries and applications, partly produced by exclusive, state-of-the-art production technologies.

United Initiators is the leading producer of PERSULFATES globally with production sites in Europe and Asia. Persulfates have the highest oxidation potential of all peroxygen compounds, even higher than, for example, permanganates. Due to these outstanding chemical properties, persulfates is the major initiator type for water-based polymerization and used in a large variety of applications beyond polymers.

UI produces SPECIAL INITIATORS, sold under our CUROX®CC brand. They are widely used in the flame retardant industry as most efficient synergists and offer the benefit of a significant reduction of e.g. bromine-based standard flame retardants. Therefore they play a big role in answering to legal and environmental concerns.


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